On this page you will find all the match results from the previous day. Matches which are finished are moved to match result section of the previous day. This page usually serve for just imformation on previous day games and their results.

All the matches listed on this page are already played and wont have any live links thread. Match results are kept for 48 hours before they are removed and newer match results take their place.

But if you are looking to watch live streams of current matches, you can visit the homepage at totalsportek.pro to get all the live streaming links for upcoming matches.

Can I watch highlights of events all ready completed ?

No, at totalsportek.pro you wont be able to see any highlights because at this website we only provide live streaming links of sports. Although you can follow the games played their statistics and scores from games.

Idea is to keep users equipped with upcoming events. The matches which are already played are deleted around 24 hours after the game. So if you want to watch full match highlights there are plenty of other sites which offer that.