Major League Soccer also known as MLS is the premium soccer league in America. Just like other top sports having their branded names, MLS is similar to what NFL and NBA are in the States. Not as popular or lucrative but getting there as the time passes. With some big name signing this season this league is getting the recoginition it deserve. Unlike other big leagues, MLS is rather new. It was rebranded back in 1993 and by 2022 we have 29 clubs in this league. There are no promotion and relegations. 

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Alonside side the traditiona league there is also a domestic cup competition called MLS cup which played during the season. The leagues coverage is shared between three of the biggest sports channels in the US. ABC/ESPN and FoxSports. Live coverage is available both on traditiona TV an via online streaming platforms on these channels. Over the last few years, MLS has added some international broadcasting rights and now this league is available in many countries outside the US.

Average franchise value in the league is hitting record numbers. As the things stand on average MLS club is value at around $500 million. That is marely $37 million back in 2008. In terms of revenue generation league is hitting record numbers and with expansion of the league and massive TV rights deals in the US we can expect more and more big name players heading to US.