Which is the best TOTALSPORTEK streaming website

Since totalsportek.com came to fame there have been so many copy cats with their crappy system of links. Today we decided to put the record straight and tell you which are the original totalsportek sites. 

The original Totalsportek sites network ?

totalsportek.com is your most trusted site in the network. Which actually started it all by providing best streaming links to its users. TOTALSPORTEK.com being the original domain started many years ago and steadily made a big following and the only reason behind increasing following was the best possible streaming links made available for all important football, f1 and boxing events. 

However just like in any industry, many others site copied totalsportek name and hoped to get same following. But they are riddled with crazy pop and push ads and crappy links most of them not even working. So if you want to watch live streams of any sports events here on totalsportek.pro we expanded the network and added more events and match. 

Here are the sites under our network and what they offer.

  1. TOTALSPORTEK.COM - Orignal site with more focus on Football, F1 and Boxing
  2. TOTALSPORTEK.PRO - Newer version with faster loading times and added many competitions like NBA, NFL, TENNIS, CRICKET etc alongside Football, F1 and Boxing.
  3. TOTALSPORTEK.ONLINE - Best used for mobile streaming. It has adjustable layout which fit your device and has all the sports like in .pro.