Using BBC iPlayer To Watch FIFA World Cup Live Streams Free

Using BBC iPlayer To Watch FIFA World Cup Live Streams Free

The biggest sports event in the world called FIFA World Cup is just around the corner and football fans from around the world are trying to get their streaming options ready before the world begins. FIFA has ensured absolutely extensive TV rights and online streaming in over 180+ territories. In some places World Cup will be available totally free while in others it might cost to get coverage of the tournament. However we bring you 100% full proof guide on how you can watch the World Cup Live Streams online via Official sources for almost free.

BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub FIFA World Cup Live Streams In The UK:

BBC and ITV are the official rights holder of FIFA World Cup in United Kingdom. Both of these channels are free-to-air in the country. While their online streams are also free for UK residents. Since both BBC and ITV share the world cup coverage 32 games will be on BBC and 32 on ITV. If you want to watch World Cup in best coverage with pre-match and post match shows, BBC and ITV are the best bet.

Now many people from outside the UK want to watch BBC and ITV as well during the world cup, first become they are free and 2nd because their world cup coverage is unmatched. However both of these channels and their online streaming platforms are geoblocked outside the UK. Which means people from outside UK can not access their coverage in normal circumstances.

Since you are on this page, it means you don't want to miss out BBC and ITV Coverage and looking for ways you can get access. You are on the right page. Here is what you can do to unlock BBC and ITV from anywhere in the world outside UK.

How To Unlock BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub Outside UK ?

The main ingredient you need is an VPN account. VPN allow you to change your IP address to any other country ensuring your device to look like operating from that country. VPN can help bypass the geoblocked restrictions and you can access BBC and ITV just like any uk resident even if you are not in the country.

How Does It Work:

  1. Buy an VPN account (we recommend ExpressVPN or NordVPN cost around $6 a month).
  2. Download VPN app from the official website you bought VPN from.
  3. Install the app on device you want to watch World Cup coverage
  4. open the App and select UK as their IP address.
  5. Once connected to UK ip server inside VPN app. You can go back to your normal browser and visit
  6. Or download official iphone or android app of BBC iplayer and ITV hub. Both available from free.

That's about it, for around $6 a month subscription with VPN can unlock unlimited streaming of FIFA World Cup and all its 64 matches via official coverage of BBC and ITV. you can also use same way to watch German coverage with their free to air channels called ZDF and ARD. French channel coverage of Tf1 or Australian state channel called SBS all absolutely free. All you need to do is flick a switch on your VPN app and you are good to go.

Watch World Cup Live Streaming at TOTALSPORTEK ?

The second free and maybe less stable way to watch world cup is via our streaming links on this site. At we will be putting together links of every single World Cup game throughout the tournament. Links will be available 1 hour before the kickoff.

Here are some of the upcoming World cup first set of Matches

Qatar vs Ecuador 20 November
England vs Iran 21 November
Netherlands vs Senegal 21 November
USA vs Wales 21 November